I. Name
           A. The name of the association shall be The United Orpington Club, here-after                                 referred to as the UOC.
           B. The address of the UOC shall be that of the current Secretary-Treasurer.
           C. The UOC shall operate as a non-profit organization. The fiscal year running from                      January 1st to December 31st.

II. Purpose
          The UOC is dedicated to continued advancement and improvement of the Orpington breed, through education, exhibition, and promotion, in both large fowl and bantam.

III. Members
          Any person or group interested in the set goals of this organization who is willing to      abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the UOC may become a member of the                    Club upon payment of the required dues under one of the following classifications:

                   A. Individual: Any individual 18 years or older
                   B. Family: One household with no limit of children under the age of 18
                   C. Junior: Any individual under 18 years of age

IV. Benefits of Membership
          A. Voting privileges are limited to one vote per Individual membership: two votes for                   Family membership for persons 18 years or older. Junior memberships have no                       vote.
          B. All members receive a copy of the All-Orp (the quarterly newsletter).
          C. All Members 18 years or older are listed in the Breeder’s Directory on the UOC                           website.
          D. All Members are eligible to earn points towards the annual Exhibitor of the Year                       and Master Breeder program.

V. Officers
          A. The Executive Board (EB) of the organization shall consist of the President, Vice                        President,  Secretary/Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Immediate Past                                    President. These five individuals are responsible for all budgeting matters.
          B. The Board of Directors (BOD) shall consist of the Executive Board, the District                              Directors (maximum 12), and any State Representatives. These officers shall have                    full discretion and decision in all non-constitutional questions that may arise,                            except as limited in the Bylaws and the vote of the membership.
          C. Each member of the BOD has one vote, regardless of how many BOD positions                          they hold. A quorum consists of a simple majority of positions currently held since                  not all directorships may be active.
          D. At any Annual or special meeting, a 2/3rd vote of members present is required to                     pass any agenda item that seeks to amend the Constitution/By-Laws PROVIDED a                   30-day written notice was given to all current club members. Standing Rules can                     be changed with a simple majority, no notice to full membership is required.

VI. Terms and Elections
          A. All Board members, including District Directors and state representatives shall                         serve a two(2) year term. • State and provincial representatives shall be appointed                   by the elected director of the respective district. Appointments are to be made by                   March 1 following the election and the Club Secretary is to be notified of the                               appointments.
          B. Elections shall take place in odd numbered years.
          C. Candidate’s names must be submitted to the Secretary/Treasurer prior to October                  1st of the year of election.
          D. All candidates must be members in good standing prior to election. They must                          remain in good standing throughout their two-year term.
          E. Ballots will be mailed out with the listing of all submitted candidates for each                            office. Write-in votes are permitted provided the person’s consent was obtained                      prior to doing so.
          F. Balloting will remain open November 1st to December 1st. Ballots must be                                 postmarked no later than Dec 1 of the election year to be tabulated.
          G. New Board members take office January 1. Results will be reported in the January                  All-Orp.

VII. National Meets
          There will be two NATIONAL MEETS per year, one Eastern and one Western. Show regions will be separated primarily by the Missouri River. The dividing line being drawn with Ontario, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and Arkansas to the east and Manitoba, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas to the west. An attempt will be made to place National Shows on a rotational basis by district.

             A. Application bids for the UOC National Meet must be submitted in writing to the                        Secretary/Treasurer.
             B. Bids from any club wanting to host a National Meet will be considered. Meet                              placement will be based on, but not limited to, Club members’ ability to attend,                      premiums offered, venue and facilities, location, date, and past show                                            performance/attendance, among other things.
             C. Bids must be submitted by July 31st for the following year.
             D. The BOD will vote on submitted bids for final placement of National Meets.
             E. No District may host the UOC National Meet in consecutive years.

VIII. District, State, & Special Meets
          Any member wishing to have a show considered as a UOC sanctioned meet should contact their District Director. To be considered a sanctioned meet and thus eligible for points to be awarded the following criterion must be met.

                      A. Meet must be listed in the Host Club’s catalog, website, or social media                                          postings prior to the date of the show.
                      B. The show must be posted on the UOC website a minimum of 45 days PRIOR                                to the show date.

IX. Master Breeder and Exhibitor of the Year Programs
          Members earn points based on the number of Orpingtons exhibited at shows that have a sanctioned UOC meet.

          A. Exhibitor of the Year: All points earned annually are tabulated for that year’s                               Exhibitor of the Year Award. Exhibitor of the Year is to be presented at the National                 Meet the following year. Exhibitor of the Year is based on the TOTAL of all points                       earned in ALL varieties by one Member.

          B. Master Breeder: Master Breeder points are an accumulative tabulation. They are                     calculated per Variety. Points are allowed for all recognized and Non-Standard                         varieties in Bantam and Large Fowl.

          C. Master Breeder levels are as follows:
                         1. Gold – 1,000 points earned in ONE variety in no less than 5 years – Master                                                            Breeder status and a Plaque.
                         2. Silver – 500 points earned in ONE variety – Certificate of Achievement.
                         3. Bronze – 250 points earned in one variety – Certificate of Achievement.

          D. Members must be in good standing to qualify for MB/EOY points. Points earned                        while membership is lapsed can be applied if all years of outstanding dues are                          paid in full.

          E. Juniors can earn points towards Junior Exhibitor of the Year. Points earned by                           Juniors will be credited to Master Breeder status under the same terms as adult                        members. Juniors must remain in good standing to be eligible.

X. Amendments
          Any member in good standing can request or propose an addition or amendment to the UOC By-laws or Constitution by submitting the proposal in writing to the BOD. The Constitution and/or the By-Laws may be amended by the following procedures:

          A. At any Club Meeting, by two-thirds (2/3) of the members present at the time votes                  are taken, provided that written notice of the proposed amendment(s) was sent to                  the entire membership at least 30 days in advance of the meeting. The entire                           membership shall then be notified within 30 days of ratification.
          B. Via mail in ballot whereas the President, having formed a Constitutional                                       Committee, and presented an amendment to the BOD for approval. The                                       amendment then is sent to the general membership for vote by mail, paper or                           digital. Balloting shall remain open for a minimum of two weeks. Approval shall                       require 2/3rd vote of ballots returned.   
          C. Standing Rules can be changed by the BOD by a simple majority vote.


Article I. Duties of the President

         The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Club. The President is the general supervisor of the UOC. As such, the President shall preside over all meetings. The President shall be an unofficial member of all committees, acting in an advisory capacity. The President shall also serve as a tiebreaker in event of a voting deadlock. The President will appoint, with approval of the Board, vacancies on the Board and any national committees. The President will write a quarterly article for The All Orp. The President will keep the webmaster up to date with club happenings to be posted on website and social media sites.

Article II. Duties of the Vice President

          The Vice President shall assist the President in promoting the club. The Vice President will write a quarterly article for The All Orp. The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in the event of the President’s inability to serve.

Article III. Duties of the Secretary/Treasurer

The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for:
     1. Conducting the correspondence of the UOC and keeping account of the same.
     2. Keeping an account of all expenses incurred.
     3. Keeping minutes of all meetings. Including, but not limited to, recording motions and            votes cast by the BOD and club members.
     4. Having charge of the books and papers relating to the office.
     5. Collecting all monies due the UOC and keeping a correct account of same. This                          includes maintaining online payment records through the website and other                              payment methods.
     6. Issuing all notices of meetings.
     7. Notifying those members who are in arrears with dues and removing their names                    from membership if unpaid three months after due date.
     8. Keeping a correct list of names of members and their addresses for all club                                  correspondence, newsletters, Annual Breeder’s Directory, and for District Directors to            interact with their District members.
     9. Preparing quarterly and End of Year financial reports and presenting the same to be              published in the quarterly newsletter and presented at the Annual Meeting.
    10. Collecting articles for, compiling, and editing of the quarterly newsletter, The All                       Orp. The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for writing an article for each quarter.
    11. Overseeing the election process for Officers, Directors, and amendments to the                         Constitution and By-Laws in all major and special elections. Duties include, but are               not limited to, collecting Candidate information, creating, organizing, and mailing                   ballots, receiving, and counting returned ballots, and notifying club members of the               election results via The All Orp or other correspondence.
    12. Assisting the Web Master with websites and social media content as well as                               processing UOC store orders.

Article IV. Duties of the Recording Secretary

Recording Secretary shall:
     1. Assist the Secretary-Treasurer in publication of All-Orp. Including writing a quarterly             article regarding the state of the EOY and MB programs.
     2. Work with District Directors, State Representatives, and Show Secretaries to ensure                all points earned at UOC sanction shows are reported accurately and in a timely                      manner.
     3. Be responsible for gathering, recording, and reporting all points from UOC                                  sanctioned shows.
     4. Ensure appropriate awards are issued for EOY and MB participants.
     5. Maintain the archives of the UOC.

Article V. District Directors

The UOC has 12 districts coinciding with the APA Districts. They are as follows:

District 1: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut District 2: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia District 3: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana
District 4: Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina
District 5: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota
District 6: Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado
District 7: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi
District 8: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico
District 9: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, Hawaii District 10: Canada, all east of the west line of Ontario
District 11: Canada, all west of the west line of Ontario
District 12: South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Puerto Rico, Bermuda

Article VI. Duties of District Directors

District Directors shall:
     1. Place yearly District Meet, State Meets, and Special Meets. District Meets are to be                    rotated from state to state so that all states have equal opportunity to host a District              meet. Likewise, state meets are to be rotated amongst the various shows within an                individual state, when appropriate. District Directors are responsible for notifying the            Web Master of meet placement so they can be accurately posted on the club’s                            website  and social media.       
     2. Assign State representatives where possible to ensure each state’s members are                     equally represented.
     3. Maintain open communication with State Representatives and members of their                      district. District Directors are the conduit between the general membership of their                District and the BOD.
     4. Ensure Show reports are accurately completed for all UOC sanctioned shows. And                  that show reports are submitted to the Recording Secretary in a timely manner.
     5. Shall provide bids for National Meets to the BOD for consideration in their district.
     6. Shall participate in BOD meetings.
     7. Shall write a quarterly newsletter article for The All Orp. Article VII. Duties of State                    Representatives State Representatives shall place the yearly state meet. They shall                  maintain open lines of communication with the District Director and members of                    their states.

Article VIII. Duties of the Web Master

          Web Master is an appointed position by the President with the approval of the BOD. The Web Master is responsible for maintaining the club’s website and social media platforms. The Web Master oversees updating, editing, and publishing information, articles, and other items of interest to the club’s electronic media platforms. The Web Master will help the Secretary/Treasurer in electronic publication of emails, memos, newsletters, etc.

Article IX. Dues

     1. The cost of annual dues shall be set by the UOC BOD.
     2. All fees will be reviewed and set by majority vote by the BOD on an as needed basis.
     3. Payment of membership is due within 30 days of a member’s anniversary date to                    remain in good standing. Dues can be paid in advance.
     4. Dues not paid within 30 days of anniversary date are considered delinquent.                              Renewal reminders will be mailed. After 90 days delinquency, a member will be                        removed from active membership and all benefits will be discontinued until dues                    are remitted.


          The intention of this section is to establish clear and acceptable behavior expectations for UOC members in order to promote values such as integrity, service, and friendship while promoting the Orpington breed through education, breeding, and exhibition. Its purpose is to provide a democratic and orderly process to address activities that may have a negative impact to the integrity, operation, and/or long-term success of the UOC.

          It is not intended to restrict the rights of anyone but rather to ensure that all members can expect to be treated with respect while participating in UOC sanctioned events or interacting on UOC social media platforms.

          The Club deems that upon payment of membership, all members have given their consent to be bound by both the restrictions and penalties imposed by this code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

All members will:

          • Conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all sanctioned UOC events and                   will not knowingly cheat, disrespect BOD Officers, Judges, fellow club members, or                 other exhibitors.
          • Respect the rights of other club members (Ex: Will not verbally or physically                                 threaten or slander others, either personally or through social media)
          • Not engage in any form of sexual, racial, religious discrimination or harassment
          • Not conduct themselves in any rude or vulgar manner, including the use of profane                 language, gestures, insults, or other such misbehavior. Remember, we have many                  Junior Members who participate at events and on social media.
          • Be an ambassador for the UOC when out in the community, at shows or other UOC                 sanctioned events. We are all representatives of The UOC and our fellow Orpington                 breeders.

Grounds for Disciplinary Actions:

          • Theft or any other actions that impact or compromise the financial integrity of the                   UOC.
          • Organized or individual attempts to purposely slander or discredit the integrity of                   the UOC, its Officers, District Directors and/or the general membership.
          • Misrepresentation of UOC credentials, logo, property, etc., for the purpose of                             personal gain.
          • Discrimination and harassment based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual                               orientation, national origin, or any other class.
          • Violence or threats of violence.
          • Any additional actions that result in significant negative impact to the UOC or its                       members.

Violation Hearings and Procedures:

          • Should a violation or a report of a violation take place, the issue will be placed on                     the agenda for the next BOD meeting. If the matter is urgent, the President will call                 a Special Meeting to discuss the matter.
          • An appropriate hearing will be held to discuss the complaint/violation.
          • After discussion, the BOD shall offer the involved members an opportunity to state                 their case.
          • The board will determine the extent of the penalty which could include temporary                   or complete loss of membership.
          • Disciplinary actions must be passed by a majority vote of the BOD in attendance at                 the meeting.
          • Possible disciplinary actions, including but not limited to the following in any order              or combination:
                         1. Verbal warning issued by any member of the Executive Board.
                         2. Written warning issued by the UOC BOD.
                         3. Membership suspension for six months or greater.
                         4. Permanent membership suspension.

All final disciplinary actions and decisions are up to the complete discretion of the UOC Board of Directors.

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