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Dianne Weer, Champion Orpington, IN State Meet 2019

John & Marlene Hoekstra , Champion Bantam 2019 OH Special Meet

AL State Meet 2018. Champion with a Buff Hen, Jerry Couch (left) and Reserve Champion with a black Cockerel, Skip Bittner (right)

2018 District 12 Meet Champion Orpington, Skip Pesata with a Buff Cockerel

2017 MN State Show, Champion English, Pullet owned by Vern Holzheuter

2017 MN State Show, Reserve English' Cockerel owned by Beau Schacherer

Kat got 1st place in showmanship and one of her bantam Orpington cockerals got best of breed and reserve of class! Go Kat & Ares!! 2010

Chehalis Show Spring 2009, Best English by Clarence Cannon. With the help of Tom Durgin we finally got this girl to pose.

Chehalis Show Spring 2009, 
Clarence Cannon's Cock bird 1st

Champion English Dayton Fancy Feather Club Show, April 08 by Doug Akers

Res. English to Super Grand Orp. of Show Indiana Poultry Breeders Show, 2007 Connersville, Indiana by Doug Akers

Champion English Dayton Fancy Feather Show Greenville, Ohio, 2004 by Doug Akers

2020 National Meet

The 2020 National was held in Norman, OK. BV Black a Hen owned by Stephanie Coomer of Coomer Farm. The hen was also Best of Breed, Champion English, Champion Large Fowl, Top Orpington of the National Meet and Super Grand Champion of the Mega Show. BV Buff a Pullet owned by Ashley Latta. She was also Best of Breed and Champion English. 

2020 District 12 Meet

Newnan, GA

2019 National Meet

The 2019 National was held in Columbus, OH.  Destiny Sherfield was the Champion and Reserve JR Bantam with her blacks. Jace Freeman was Champion JR LF and Reserve Orp of the Meet with his Buff. 

2019 District 3 Meet

Lebanon, IN

2018 National Meet

The 2018 National Meet was held in Shawnee, OK.  

LF: BB, BV Pullet owned by Beau Schacherer

LF: RB, BV Pullet owned by Angela Ulanch

Bantam:  Resv SCCL, BB, BV cockerel owned by Vern Holzhueter

Bantam: RB, RV Pullet owned by Vern Holzhueter

2012 National Meet

The 2012 National was held in Hutchinson, MN.

2010 National Meet

The 2010 National was held in Stockton, CA

Champion Orpington Overall, Reserve English, best of breed

Terra and Josh at the Club table

Terra and Christina Korfus

BV black LF- Christina Korfus

LF: RV black- Elizabeth Hayes

LF: BV Blue LF- Christina Korfus

LF: RV blue - Elizabeth Hayes

Bantam: RV Black- Warren Tye

Bantam: BV blue- Terra Pfingston

RV Blue Bantam

Bantam: BB Buff- Vermazen Farms

Bantam: BV White- Sarah Vermazen

Chmapion LF JR RB, and Reserve overall JR champion- Sarah Vermazen

Reserve SCCL JR., RB- Cameron Swingle

2009 National Meet

The 2009 National was held in Columbus, OH. 

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2008 National Meet

The 2008 National was held at the Wisconsin International show in Portage, WI. Bob Coulter took Champion and Reserve Orpingtons with some lovely buff girls. Tate Linton was Champion JR with his Black cockerel. 

2007 National Meet

The 2007 National was held in Iowa City, IA. Mike & Jenny Linton were Champions with their Buff Pullet. Doug Akers was Res. National Champ with his Buff pullet. Tate Linton was Champion LF JR with his Buff cockerel.  Vern Holzheuter had the Champion Bantam with a black cockerel.  Reserve Campion JR was a Bantam Black Cockerel. 

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